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Career: Professional Freelance Photographer.

Enjoyment: Indescribable.

I've been taking photographs seriously for close to six years now, and have turned a passion into a viable career, having made the transition into full-time professional work within the past 12 months. I currently work mostly as a wedding/event photographer, whilst in my spare time I work on personal landscape projects, and I've a special affinity for Scandinavian settings. Three years ago I left part of my soul during a solo photographic trip in Iceland - I've been going back ever since trying to find it, but just seem to lose more every time...

I shoot both Digital and Medium-Format Film, so benefit from the reliability and consistency of one system, and the required patience and education, as well as detail, of the other.

I do not believe that a computer should make up for the failings of the photographer - what you see here is what my camera sees - it is not the result of five minutes shooting and five hours post-processing. I believe that a photographer has a fundamental loyalty to portray the truth of the world, and any exceptions to that truth must clearly be described as such.

My dreams and my work are the same thing, and in that I count myself blessed. I strive to be as creative and artistic in every sense with my photography, and have never been one to half-fudge a job or settle for almost-good-enough. If that appeals to you, drop me an email. I don't charge the earth and I will reply!

Cheers for looking, hope you enjoy the selection that's here...


www.jamesappleton.co.uk- Light in the Wild...

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Birds and Beasts

Birds and Beasts

See title really - these are just the best of many, many photos which I've taken over the past 18 months. Special note - seagulls rock. If you disagree, read Jonathan Livingstone Seagull by Richard Bach. Still disagree?

Date added: 22nd Feb 2006
Date taken: 2004-2006
20 photos

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